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Engaged Expert Terry Candlish discusses ASTM G and G tests which are used to evaluate sunlight and moisture exposure. ASTM. ASTM G & G UV Testing. The UV testing was performed on ecomère by Touchstone Labs in Tridelphia, WV, again at the request of Southern . ASTM G – Designation: G – 06 Standard Practice for Operating Fluorescent Light Appara.

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Test results can be expected to differ between exposures using devices with? Therefore, no reference g54-06 be made to results from the use of this practice unless accompanied by a report detailing the speci?

Different types of fluorescent UV lamp sources are described. As a result of?

B The data in Table 1 are based on the rectangular integration of 65 spectral power distributions for? Cycle 5 has been used for roo? After inspection, the test specimen shall be returned to the test chamber satm its test surface in the same orientation as previously tested.

There is no easy exposure formula. From environmental and dynamic testing to highly specialized tests such as bird strike and hydrodynamic ditching testing, we’re the trusted testing partner to the world’s most recognized component and system manufacturers. Tests using UVA lamps have been found useful for g1554-06 different nonmetallic materials such as polymers, textiles, and UV stabilizers. Ultimately, the most realistic way to test for weathering is to allow the product to degrade in real time, with outdoor testing panels.

See Appendix X3 for more information comparing the solar radiation data used in this standard with that for CIE 85 Table 4.


However, g1544-06 of these variables brings uniquely inaccurate results. It is the responsibility of the user of this standard to establish appropriate safety and health practices and determine the applicability of regulatory limitations prior to use. It is recommended that at least three replicates of each material evaluated be exposed in each test to allow for statistical evaluation of results.

ASTM G and G Explained | Element

Such instruments g154-0 be shielded from the lamp radiation. Cycle 7 has been used for thermal shock and for erosion testing of coatings for wood. This website uses cookies to improve user experience. This standard is subject to revision at any time by the responsible technical committee and must be reviewed every?

Aging of glass can result in a signi? Interruptions to service the apparatus and to inspect specimens shall be minimized. To assure uniform exposure conditions,? In this standard, the terms UV light and UV radiation are used interchangeably. Expose replicates of the test specimen and the control specimen so that statistically signi?

Consequently, the use of a radiometer to monitor and control the radiant energy is recommended. This data is provided for comparison purposes only. It may be tempting to assume that shorter wavelengths, continuous exposure, high temperatures, and other variables can result in more intense acceleration.

Element provides both types of tests g154–06 our ISO accredited testing laboratories.

Remember, these accelerated weatherization tests cannot exactly reproduce outdoor conditions, as they cannot account for altitude, seasonal variations, local geographical features, and other variables.

D The window glass? See Practice G for further guidance. For instance, constant exposure with no temperature cycling fails to xstm the expansion and contraction stress that materials face in outdoor locations. See Appendix X1 for lamp application guidelines. While this data is astn for comparison purposes only, it is desirable for the laboratory accelerated light source to provide a spectrum that is a close match to the benchmark solar spectrum.


The manufacturer is responsible for determining conformance to Table 3. F For the benchmark window g1154-06 Moisture takes its own toll on surfaces, and the combination of sunlight and moisture can amplify damage, costing millions of dollars of depreciation each year.

ASTM G154 and G155 Explained

See Appendix X3 for more information comparing the solar radiation data used in the standard with that for CIE 85 Table 4. If the actual operating conditions do not agree with the machine settings after the equipment has stabilized, discontinue the test and correct the cause of the disagreement before continuing.

UV-B light accelerates the brittleness that materials, particularly polymers, may suffer as they age indoors. Use of this equation requires that each spectral interval must be the same for example, 2 nm throughout the spectral region used. Users of this standard are expressly advised that determination of the validity of any such patent rights, and the risk of infringement of such rights, are entirely their own responsibility.

However, there is no simple equation for calculating exposure. The particular testing application determines which lamp should be used.