About The Beermat Entrepreneur, The Boardroom Entrepreneur, Sales on a Beermat, Marketing on a Beermat and Finance on a Beermat books. Buy The Beermat Entrepreneur: Turn Your Good Idea into A Great Business: What You Really Need to Know to Turn a Good Idea into a Great Business 1 by. Feb 6, In this blog, we interview Mike Southon, author of ‘The Beermat Entrepreneur’. A great book for both budding and experienced entrepreneurs.

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The Beermat Entrepreneur helps you convert your jotted notes about your business idea into a big and successful business. With wit and humour, this quick-to-read and simple-to-use book could turn your beermat inspiration into reality. You’ve got a bright idea.

The Beermat Entrepreneur in Spanish – a Mind Map

An idea that you th This title is no longer available locally, but in stock internationally — usually ships weeks. An idea that you think maybe, just maybe, could become a brilliant business. entreprneur

The Beermat Entrepreneur is the answer. It takes you through all the crucial stages between those first notes on a beermat and a business that is sound, lasting and profitable. It tells you what the other books don’t – the lessons that most people have to learn by bitter experience; the tricks that all entrepreneurs wish somebody had told them before they set out.


From testing your idea and finding a mentor, through selecting and motivating the right people and securing your first customer, to deciding when to ‘go for growth’ – this is the guide to turning good ideas into real businesses. Revised and updated completely, this classic book for entrepreneurs contains the distilled wisdom of serially successful entrepreneur Mike Southon and is packed with advice and insight for any aspiring business person, either within an existing company or thinking of starting up on their own.

Mike Southon Mike co-founded The Instruction Set, a training and software business which grew from three to people in five years and was then acquired by Cap Gemini Ernst and Young. He then worked on two start-ups which eventually both went public, and a number which didn’t.

Mike Southon | The Beermat Entrepreneur | Business Speaker

Since the first publication of The Beermat Entrepreneur in he has spoken at over a thousand events all over the world and provided free, face-to-face mentoring to entreprenrur 1, aspiring entrepreneurs. When he’s not being The Beermat Entrepreneur at live events, Mike helps any type of company refine their elevator pitches, test their sales models and grow their sales.

Mike is more than Quite Interesting. He spreads insight and cheerfulness in equal measure, like an ambidextrous chef icing two cakes at once.

Chris West Chris is a professional writer. His first book, Journey to the Middle Kingdom, was published inengrepreneur he has had over 20 books published since, in various genres. The Dragon Awakens is a quartet of crime novels set in s China. Perfect Written English is a guide to good, clear writing.


He has also worked in the City, in marketing and PR for the Norwich-based MK group, and has advised start-up enterprises. Chris works with subject-matter experts to turn their knowledge into lively, accessible books.

He is a member of United Ghostwriters, a group of top professionals in this field. Subscribe now to be the first to hear about specials and upcoming releases.

The Beermat Entrepreneur in Spanish – a Mind Map | Mike Southon

Turn Your good idea into a great business. Description of this Book The Beermat Entrepreneur helps you convert your jotted notes about your business idea into a big and successful business.

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