The source PSTricks commands are stored in file. Pstake will (i) wrap them around a boilerplate, (ii) use LaTeX to generate an EPS file, and (iii) convert the. The package pst-pdf simplifies the use of graphics from PSTricks and other Post- Can be used to just convert the document with LATEX. Can someone help, at least to get started on a conversion / translation? \ usepackage{pstricks,pst-node,pstcol} %% used only for

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I would like to convert. Is there any way to do that? I’m writing a thesis and I have scanned pictures mainly greyscaled simple graphics in. I’d like to convert them to some kind of LaTeX code, but I hardly found any program which can do this task for me.

I mean the import, or if so, they don’t support the export to LaTeX code After giving the path of Ghostscript at TpX settings, it wrote that the. I also have a java program called eps2pgf. But when I’d like to convert the. A PostScript error occurred.

[pstricks] how to convert pstricks to eps?

Operand stack max top 10 items: Execution failed due to a PostScript error in the input file. I’m not a master of drawing, so it would take too much time for me. And as it happens by these programs, the import of.

Is it a difficult task to open an. Does it depend on the content of. What sort of LaTeX code you would expect from conversion of a raster image? What you are trying to do just doesn’t make sense.


Perhaps explain why do you need to convert those raster images in the first place and then we can try to find a solution to your real problem. Well, I would have liked to paste nicer pictures into my document than the scanned ones. The only option for me is to redraw the scanned pictures as vectorial figures. LaTeX code would have been better because it is part of the.

But the problem in this case is that the greyscale pictures sometimes have darker background than that of the document. So the pictures break the unity of background of the document. I don’t know how people paste beautiful figures into their documents, but I’m sure that not everyone has a talent for drawing.

Even if programs try to help you, I wasn’t able to draw a simple circular arc just as I wanted to, because you should give the centre of the circle which is unkown, if you just want to mark an angle. So the conclusion is that if I want to have nice vectorial pictures of high standard, I should attend a computer graphical drawing course? That’s a bit ridiculous. As long as the EPS file has no error, eps2pgf should work properly.

Take a look at an example to learn how it works [1].

You could attach one of your files as example to your next post so we may be able to offer some specific help or find alternatives. And as Tomek already said, it makes no sense to convert a pixel based image format to a vector based format because you can’t really benefit from the advantages. You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.



I’ve seen your pictures. They are fairly simple geometry drawings pstrocks a few text labels. I would use TikZ for something like this. There are programs capable of converting rasterized line art to vector graphics but this doesn’t make sense in your case.

No program that I know of is capable of recovering geometric constructions with labels from a bunch of pixels. If you want drawings with some decent quality, you will have to spend some time and do them properly. I conert only confirm what Tomek said.

Well, thanks for the code. I watched the tikz figures converf I must admit that it is perfect. What are the differences among the four graphic systems? I know that for example figures created by pstricks are not supported by pdflatex, but colours are supported in. Confert can you offer a drawing program that can generate latex code and easy to use, and of course support latex labels? Did you use a program for creating the code or did you write it by heart? Who is online Users browsing this forum: No registered users and 8 guests.