opredeljena v Dunajski konvenciji o diplomatskih odnosih z dne aprila in v Dunajski konvenciji o konzularnih odnosih z dne aprila. POSEBNOSTI PREVAJANJA STROKOVNEGA JEZIKA DIPLOMACIJE: PRIMER DUNAJSKE KONVENCIJE O DIPLOMATSKIH ODNOSIHmore. by Tanja Žigon. CMSR. Center za mednarodno sodelovanje in razvoj. DKDO. Dunajska konvencija o diplomatskih odnosih. DKKO. Dunajska konvencija o konzularnih odnosih.

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The state hosting has some actions that are limiting diplomatic agent doing things inappropriate or damage to the country. Our findings offer important insight into the challenges that pragmatic elements may present in translation. At that time Shakespeare was well known and respected in diplomatsskih circles in the Slovene lands, but English language and culture in general occupied a more peripheral position in the Slovene cultural space.

The translator interprets the source text Dunajdka translationHamletand Shakespeare In Translation. I know languages, therefore, I can translate?: Na podlagi druge alinee prvega odstavka Though pragmatic elements such as hedging have been recognised as potentially challenging in intercultural communication, translation of hedging devices has received limited research attention.

The translator interprets the source text ideology according to his or her own ideological orientation. The paper also reports the results of a translation quality assessment of third-year students of those departments, who were given the task of translating a text into their L1. Hamlet is one of the very few works of the global literary canon that have been translated into Slovene more than once. When the functions of these persons come to an end, privileges and immunities that they enjoy in the Host Country shall normally cease at the moment when they leave the Host Country, or on expiry of a reasonable period in which to do so.

You have to log in to leave a comment. Privileges and Immunities of Representatives of Operational Partners. The Lord of the Rings become less formal, konvrncija texts e.

Discourse-based interviews are used to explore the reasons for the changes. Although the influence of ideology was less conspicuous than in a previous study of first- year students, it was nevertheless evident in the ways in which the text was summarized and translated — primarily on the lexical, but also on the syntactic level. Popular FictionLiterary translationand Style in Translation.


Without being subject to any financial controls or moratoria of any kind, SELEC may, within the territory of the Parties, freely: Hamlet, and with it Shakespeare, truly arrived in Slovenia only about a century ago when the first complete translations were staged in the emerging Slovene theatres. Diplomatic presenters presents their country and its chief, so these are extremely delicate business. Please enable JavaScript or use a modern browser.


Source language texts often reflect ideological posi- tions and are imbued with tacit assumptions, beliefs and value systems collectively held by social groups in the source culture.

The translation task analysis reveals a considerable degree of omission and modification of hedging devices in translation. However, with respect to the acts done by those persons in the exercise of their functions, immunity shall continue to subsist. JavaScript is necessary for the proper functioning of this website. Because of immunity there is a big possibility that diplomatic agents abuse their immunity. Major shifts in the register occur when works of popular fiction are translated into Slovene.

Although its almost mythological status dwindled to that of a mere classic after a while, it did, as a true folk play should, accompany the Slovene audience through all crucial periods in the recent history of the nation: SELEC shall be entitled to display its flag and emblem in its premises and on its means of transport when used for official purposes.

The Slovene translations are also compared with the Serbo-Croatian translation, which is the only official translation of the Convention ratified by the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in The results show that they used not only translation strategies expected in the translation of a highly respected text, but also several strategies which sought to improve on the source text.

Secondly, the paper analyses the changing position of Hamlet in the Slovene literary system, progressing from the place of an respected classic play, reserved for literary connoisseurs, at the beginning of the 19th century, toward the status of one of the most popular and widely loved plays after the World War I. Its property, wherever located and by whomsoever held, shall be immune from search, requisition, confiscation, expropriation or any other form of interference, whether by executive, administrative, judicial or legislative action.

Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Your browser does not allow JavaScript! Hover the mouse pointer over a document title to show the abstract or click on the title to get all document metadata. From Myth to Theatre more. Representatives of Operational Partners who are posted to SELEC under a cooperation agreement shall be accorded the privileges and immunities that are accorded to Liaison Officers of the Member States, except to the extent those privileges and immunities are limited by the cooperation agreement concluded between the Operational Partner and SELEC.

For the purposes of this Protocol: To gain a better insight into the impact of translating on the use of hedging, it is necessary to explore both translated texts and the reasons for modifications.


SELEC ima pravico, da namesti svojo zastavo in znak v svojih prostorih ter na prevoznih sredstvih, kadar se uporabljajo v uradne namene. Ena izmed njih je diplomatska imuniteta. Za izvajanje protokola skrbita Ministrstvo za notranje zadeve in Ministrstvo za finance — Carinska uprava Republike Slovenije.

There have been a lot of abuses of immunity in past, so some restrictions must be used to avoid the abuse. Each country has its own law, which is used in whole area of the country.

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Formal or archaic texts e. But the odhosih immediately engaged the Slovene expert public, who felt the wait had been much too long. Lastly, the paper studies the influence of this changing position on the translation itself, and the individual translation solutions of the two translators. One of those inceptions is the institute of diplomatic immunity.

Immunity from legal process shall not apply in respect of a civil action for damages arising from an accident in the territory of a Party caused by a vehicle, vessel or aircraft operated by any Representative of a Member State, Liaison Officer, Director General, Director, member of the SELEC Staff, or Representative of an Operational Partner, nor shall immunity from legal process apply in respect of a traffic offense. Add Social Profiles Facebook, Twitter, etc. AddThis uses cookies that require your consent.

Such Party shall have the right and duty to waive the immunity in cases where, in its opinion, the immunity would impede the course of justice and would not prejudice the purposes for which the immunity is accorded; b in respect of the Director General and the Directors, the Council shall have the right and duty to waive the immunity where the immunity would impede the course of justice and can be waived without prejudice to the interests of SELEC; c in respect of a member of the SELEC Staff, the Director General shall have the right and duty to waive the immunity where the immunity would impede the course of justice and can be waived without prejudice to the interests of SELEC; d in respect of Representatives of an Operational Partner, the waiving of immunity shall be within the competence of the sending Operational Partner.

Journal of Pragmatics Publication Date: One of the most important privileges of immunity is the privilege of personal protection.