During his career, Victor authored fifteen Deathlands titles, seven Outlanders titles, plus dozens of others under a variety of pen names as well as his own. By James Axler. Listen to a sample: Deathlands (CD Series Set) · Deathlands ( Download Series Set) Encounter · Deathlands 1: Pilgrimage to Hell. James Axler is a house name used by the publishing company Gold Eagle first used for the “Deathlands” series, which began in with Pilgrimage to Hell.

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Pilgrimage to Hell by James Axler. On a crisp January day, a Presidential inaugurati… More. Shelve Pilgrimage to Hell. Read Currently Reading Want to Read. Red Holocaust by James Axler. Neutron Solstice by James Axler. A generation after a global nuclear war, Louisian… More. Crater Lake by James Axler. Homeward Bound by James Axler.

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Time Nomads by James Axler. Latitude Zero by James Axler. Generations after a near nuclear annihilation, Am… More. Seedling by James Axler. America’s post-holocaust nightmare continues as R… More. Dark Carnival by James Axler. Chill Factor by James Axler. Moon Fate by James Axler. Generations have passed since a nuclear blast all… More.


Fury’s Pilgrims by James Axler. Shockscape by James Axler. Deep Empire by James Axler. Ryan Cawdor and his band of warrior-survivalists… More. Cold Asylum by James Axler. Twilight Children by James Axler.

Rider, Reaper by James Axler. Road Names by James Axler. Trader Redux by James Axler.


Genesis Echo by Deathlandw Axler. Shadowfall by James Axler. Shadowfall by James Axler released on Mar 24, … More. Ground Zero by James Axler.

Emerald Fire by James Axler. The Amazon Basin remains a land of primoridal bea… More. Bloodlines by James Axler. Crossways by James Axler. As the twenty-second century emerges from the bli… More.

Keepers of the Sun by James Axler. Shelve Keepers of the Sun. Circle Thrice by James Axler. Eclipse at Noon by James Axler.

Shelve Eclipse at Noon. Stoneface by James Axler. On sacred aboriginal land, Ryan Cawdor and his ba… More. Bitter Fruit by James Axler. Barely escaping from a marauding gang, Ryan Cawdo… More. Skydark by James Axler. When an army of mutants, led by a charismatic and… More.

Demons of Eden by James Axler.

In the aftermath of a nuclear firestorm that dest… More. Shelve Demons of Eden. The Mars Arena by James Axler.

While searching the Western badlands for the wrec… More. Shelve The Mars Arena. Watersleep by James Axler. Nightmare Passage by James Axler. Freedom Lost by James Axler. Ryan Cawdor and his team are en route to his boyh… More. Way of the Wolf by James Axler. Shelve Way of the Wolf. Dark Emblem by James Axler. After a relatively easy mat-trans jump, Ryan and… More. Crucible of Time by James Axler.


A connection to jzmes past awaits Ryan Cawdor as th… More. Shelve Crucible of Time. Starfall by James Axler. Ryan Cawdor and his warrior survivalists jump int… More. Encounter by James Axler. At Spearpoint, the ultimate redoubt housing a val… More.

James Axler

Ryan Cowdor comes home to West Virginia and his n… More. Book 2 in the Baronies Trilogy, chronicling the s… More. A secret community of scientists gains control of… More.

Shadow World by James Axler. The hellscape of postnuclear America has a bloodl… More.

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Pandora’s Redoubt by James Axler. In the post-holocaust wastelands of 22nd-centry A… More. Rat King by James Axler. What was once the United States is now the rad-bl… More. Zero City by James Axler. The nuclear Armageddon of put the world on a… More. A nuclear apocalypse almost destroyed Western civ… More.

A nuclear endgame played out among the superpower… More. Forged from the Ruins A planet ravaged by the ap… More. Sunchild by James Axler. In the ruins of nuke-ravaged Seattle, Ryan Cawdor… More. Breakthrough by James Axler. Deathlands is a living hell, but one place is eve… More.