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I am searching for new modern technical ways to transform my farm into organic farm My no. A clear understanding of three factors — the market demand, the natural resources available and maintaining the product quality — helped him succeed.

Dagar I want to learn about your technique And I want to talk to you for further starting my farming career. I was searching for some information on how to convert a regular farm in to organic farm and landed here.

Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development

Apart from vermicompost, Dagar also produces the normal compost; the total annual generation of manure from his farm is about tonnes. Dagar has also set up solar panels at a total cost of Rs 4 lakh; he spent Rs 67, on it and the rest came from a government subsidy. The surplus power is used to recharge batteries of the household inverter.


SPSS Search for additional papers on this topic.

Ayush Chaudhary 2 years ago Reply. Mrs Sangeeta Bobi 2 years ago Reply. I was wondring if Dogar shib would kindly teach me how to make composite from vegetable, fruit and crop waste for commersial purposes and make a decent livig by selling the product.

Profitability and productivity of potato (Solanum tuberosum) in Baglung district, Nepal

He has also started growing exotic vegetables and fruits, such as lettuce, baby corn and strawberry, for export. Ritesh M Surana one 271 ago Reply.

With a bit of hard work and understanding of nature, any farmer can earn a minimum of Rs 10 lakh per annum. I have 5 acres land in haryana and i want to realize my interest of organic farming on my land.

May I visit your farm house for a learning Regards Punit Mob This is very good initiative i reed above matters and i want to meet and work with farmers and apply those ideas in between farmers of odisha Posted by: Ashutosh 2 years ago Reply. You are such a role model for small land farmers.

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But Ramesh Chander Dagar has made this proposition into a reality. I am from Odisha.

At his farm, solar power is used to run the pump that draws groundwater for irrigation. Vivek Choudhary 12 months ago Reply. Need to start something new as bee farming,organic farming. This is very nice. Is there any govt. Of Haryana please share the details. Please I want to have some advice from you regarding organic farming.


Chirag Bhatia 8 months ago Reply. Finally it approached a Gurgaon-based private company for certification.

Spreading the word Today Dagar is busy spreading the word of integrated farming throughout the country. I want to contact information for this farming. Agriculture Information and Communication Centre. A visit to his farmland in Akbarpur Barota village, Sonipat district, Haryana can be quite an eye opener.

Dagarji is a real time hero, a motivator.

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Rajeshwari one year ago Reply. Ajay Kumar 2 years ago Reply. I do not have land can i cultivate vegetables by rented land or honney production. Prajakta Khadye 2 years ago Reply. Pleasecall or send your No to me.

I am also a part time farmer,a civil engineer near Newai, near Jaipur. I have 6 acres land.