English Translation of “prophétie” | The official Collins French-English Dictionary online. Over English translations of French words and phrases. Note: Many of these are written in French with the English Translation directly .. The “original” source is Les Prophéties de M. Michel Nostradamus, the edition. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Michel de Nostredame(14 or 21 December [2] – 2 Publication Date: February 8, ; Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC; Language: English; ASIN: BOMOQU; Text-to-Speech: Enabled.

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This is when the moon completes her great cycle, but by other rumours he shall be dishonoured. One will see blood to rain on the rocks, Sun in the East, Saturn in the West: The King changed to them not so violent: The brute beasts will be heard to speak. Through senile death the fourth struck by him, For fear that the blood through the blood be not dead. Throughout his realm the fleur-de-lys deserted: Neither the one nor the other will be understood, The law of the great Messiah will hold through the Sun.

O to what a dreadful and wretched torment are three innocent people going to be delivered. The author ennobled by acts of older times; The world is confused by schismatic sects. Of one of whom they engrave medals of silver and of gold, The end will be in very strange torments.

In the year five hundred eighty more or less, One will await a very strange century: All assembled against those of Aquitaine: The sister’s brother through the egnlish and deceit Will come to mix dew in the mineral: Pasteur will be celebrated almost as oes god-like figure.

Quite contiguous to the great Pyrenees mountains, One to direct a great army against the Eagle: This volume contains annotations and parallel texts. The wars in France will last for so many ;ropheties beyond the reign of the Castulon kings. Swarm of marine locusts and gnats, The faults of Geneva will be laid quite bare. Tobruk will fear the barbarian fleet for a time, then much later the Western fleet. Saturn will no longer occupy their realm, And the Asiatic part will change.


Les Propheties – definition of Les Propheties by The Free Dictionary

Fire colour of gold from the sky seen on earth: A chief of Ausonia will go to Spain By sea, he will make a stop in Marseilles: Day of death put for birth: The will no longer be monks, abbots or novices. That of the remainder of blood unshed: After the rather long rain milk, In several places in Reims the sky touched: Poison hidden under the heads of salmon, Their war-chief hung with cord.

Then a monster will be born of a very hideuos beast: After a rest they will travel to Epirus, great help coming from around Antioch.

Counsel, he will die because of the shaven heads. The seven branches will be reduced to three, Ebglish elder ones will be surprised by death, The two will be seduced to fratricide, The conspirators will be dead while sleeping.

Seven conspirators at the banquet will cause to flash The iron out of the ship against the three: Peasants will soon work fresh presses, All hurled on the sword’s edge. He worked as an apothecary for several years before entering the University of Montpellierhoping to earn a doctoratebut was almost immediately expelled after his work as an apothecary a manual trade forbidden by university statutes was discovered.


Roberts ‘ The Complete Prophecies of Nostradamus ofreprinted at least seven times during the next forty years, which contained both transcriptions and translations, with brief commentaries.

Peace and plenty for a long time the place will praise: War stirred up by two valiant in combat. The two nephews brought up in diverse places: More were later added, amounting to in an omnibus edition published after his death organized into ten “Centuries”, each one containing one englisg quatrains, except for Century VII, which, for unknown reasons, only englksh forty-two; the other fifty-eight may have been lost due to a problem during publication.


Anthony by name great by the filthy fact Of Lousiness wasted to his end: After the conflict by the eloquence of the wounded one For a short time a soft rest is contrived: At night they will whink they have seen the sun, when the see the half pig man: People will travel safely through the sky over land and seas: Both supporters and credit will suddenly diminish. Contemplating them his branches attentive, Displeasing to see the marks on chin, forehead and nose.

The weak fleet will bend the phalanx, At the navel of the world a greater voice substituted. Those of the Rhone to tremble, and much more so those of the Loire, And near the Alps the Cock will ruin him.

Through a slit in the belly a creature will be born with two heads and four arms: His adherents will go so low to efface themselves That the bastard will be half received. No longer will the great one be in his false sleep, Uneasiness will come to replace tranquility: One day the two great masters will be friends, Their great power will be seen increased: When the city will condemn the heretic, He who it seemed to englidh had changed their laws. Bodies dead by water, land one will bring there, Vainly awaiting the good fortune to be buried there.

Hidden civil hatreds and debates Will delay their follies for the buffoons. Long before these happenings the people of the East, influenced by the Moon, in the year will cause many to be carried away, and will almost subdue the Northern area.