Literary Sexts is a modern day anthology of short love poems with subtle erotic undertones edited by Amanda Oaks & Caitlyn Siehl. Hovering around 26 Poetic And Steamy Literary Sexts You Can Send To Your Lover Quotes on Quote Catalog. Quote Catalog is the quote engine of the internet. sext: i can still feel the echo of your fingerprints dancing on my skin. i talk to the moon and tell him all about you. i wonder if he recognises you.

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Park your car by the elementary school, I want to count your ribs with my mouth. I want your hands to touch me in the places I have yet to be touched. So hold me like the sky is falling.

Literary Sexts : A Collection of Short & Sexy Love Poems

The tender way you touch things could dismantle the fucking sun. We are bruising the light. Our shadows are open wounds.

Have you ever seen the skin of you that the summer has not birthed new? Have you ever tasted how pink you were the moment you unwebbed your fingers? Tilt your head back. Put your tongue out. Let me show you, let me show you.


I guess my soul just stumbled into your heartbeat and realized it liked the sound. I am fragile and unholy. I have spent the last year esxts soot, but swxts tell me I reignited the flame in your throat. Is this what it feels like to be the fire and not the stake? Forgive me for being childish, but I would like to see you burn. You say my name and it comes out like a dark confession. Our mouths swing open like doors. Our mouths open and we spill into each other, like wine.

I wanna be your light. I am searching for a place to call home. Can it be you? When is a monster not a monster? Oh, when you love it.

I kiss the trail they leave to find your light. I have this dream where you are biting my bottom lip literaru it bleeds Sext: I have this dream where you are sexst and fulfilled with each other Sext: I have this dream where you want sezts kiss me in public Sext: I have this dream where you ask me about my day and do not follow it with an invitation to come over when your parents are asleep Sext: I have this dream where we ljterary each other the truth and it nauseates us Sext: I have this dream where I do not try to sell you an idea of myself Sext: You, with your urge to fuck in a church— and me, with my want to mark your body with my bite… Some might find us monsterous.


I bet you liked it. But, oh, the roar of victory. You must have been so proud. Kiss me until it no longer hurts. You got my body like a tangled constellation with your meteor shower touch. I want to sift under your hands like stardust. My hands are nomads, my dear desert. May they never find rest.

Do not fall in love with people like me. I will take you to museums, sedts parks, and monuments, and kiss you in every beautiful place, so that you can never go back to them without tasting me like blood in your mouth.

Literary Sexts Quotes by Amanda Oaks

I will destroy you in the most beautiful way possible. And when I leave you will finally understand, why storms are named after people.

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